latex foamSleep easier in unbelievable comfort on a Latexpedic® Latex Mattress.  Latexpedic® Natural Mattresses are so comfortable and relaxing, you are going to wonder how you ever waited so long to pamper yourself.  Organic Mattresses are made from All Pure Milk from the Rubber Tree..  Foam Beds are avaialble in the thickness, with the layers, and the firmness that you both need and want.  No other mattress has better Support, Comfort, Cushioning, Pressure-Relief and breatheable properties.  Select a Latexpedic® Foam Mattress Model and Firmness for your personal use, and take a health break.  Visit our Latexpedic® Latex Foam Mattress Showrooms in Phoenix Az 1035 E. Camelback Rd, Garden Grove CA 12557 Harbor Blvd; and Los Angeles/Burbank CA 907 Hollywood Way Latexpedic® Headquarters.  Member BBB foam mattress storesand Trust-Link Mattress Reviews.

Kingsize Latex Foam Mattresses


Luxury King Size Mattresses:  Our Specialty.  Also Kingsize Natural foam Adjustable Bed Mattresses and Dual King Size latex mattresses

If you are in the market for a King Coil Mattress, compare Price, Quality, Guarantee, Selection and Service.  Compare reviews with the Latexpedic Latex Foam Mattress with the King Coil latex mattress

If you are in the market for a Luxury Kluft Mattress, compare Kluft Luxury organic mattressMattress Prices, Quality, Guarantee, Service and Selection.  The compare Latexpedic Latex Organic Mattresses vs. Kluft Mattresses.  You'll Be Glad You Did!

King size Natural Latex: Is it better?

King Size Natural Latex Foam vs a Conventional Mattress/Polyurethane Foam

Covering Fabrics: Modern mattresses have replaced these natural fibers with synthetic thermoplastic fibers, such as polyester, nylon, polypropylene, acrylic, and plyvinyl chlorid (PVC). Paddings: the padding layers insulate the mattress and add structure and support to its construction. These layers are most often made of polyurethane foam, convulted foam, synthetic-fiber pads, and/or polyester fibers.

Luxury Kingsize Organic Mattress

Kingsize Adjustable Bed Mattress  If you are in the market for a Kingsize Memory Foam mattress or Natural Latex Foam Mattress for a Kingsize or Dual King Size; including for Adjustable Beds. . . Call or Visit one of our Kingsize Memory Foam and King Size Latex Foam Showrooms

Natural rubber is also the most durable and elastic material available. Its elastic properties give natural rubber mattresses the ability to retain their shape and original firmness for many years. They are also excellent heat and moisture regulation, air circulation, and a metal-free sleeping environment. Natural rubbger latex mattresses have by far the largest share of the organic mattress market.

The bed, as a piece of furniture, is considered the most important piece of furniture in the house. Not only does a conventional mattress contain an amalgamation of undisclosed chemicals, but it is also the one item in our lives with which we have the most daily contact.

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Memory Foam and Latex Foam Mattress Sizes come in your choice of Twin, Full, Queen, King, Dual Queen and Dual King Sizes.  Luxury Kingsize Mattresses come in California King (72 x 84), Eastern King 76 x 80)  and Dual California King and Dual Eastern King (let us know if you are going to use an existing headboard/and or footboard.

Latex Foam vs Tempur-pedic Kingsize Memory Foam Mattress
Compare the Tempur pedic King Size Mattresses with LatexPedic Kingsize Beds.  You Decide!

 Temperpedic memory foam mattresses are available in many models. Tempur-pedic is a visco foam mattress; and the Temper-pedic visco elastic foam mattress is good; and now available with a latex memory foam mattres; but most people by reading natural latex mattress reviews would agree that the Tempur-pedic mattress tempur material is rated over 30% less pressure relieving than organic foam. Organic mattresses, unlike Tempur-pedic Mattresses, are not synthetic and petroleum based. Organic beds are organic latex mattresses. The organic latex mattress is made from the milk of the rubber tree. Organic foam does not out-gas the many chemicals that the Tempur-pedic mattress has been tested to do. Tempur-pedic mattresses take several days to out-gas most of these chemicals.

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